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Electrified Monorails

Electrified Monorails Design

Electrified monorails are unique material movers because they are cost effective yet still have potential for more diversity in product movement than other systems. Because the product is conveyed on electrified trolleys instead of chain driven ones, electrified monorail systems are capable of branching into several differenct product lines.

Electrified Monorail Benefits

Electrified monorails provide many benefits of a power and free system, but are more cost effective for moving product through a clean, non-hazardous environment. Material can be diverted to different lines within the system, allowing for varying processing speeds, or it can be routed to dead-end accumulation storage areas. Because the direction of the material flow is directed by each individual trolley, an electrified monorail system can create ever changing line diversity to meet a facility's current production needs.

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